Model railway locomotive and rolling stock construction in gauges 4mm / 00 and 3.5mm /. HO, plus 7mm, 1/4 inch and 1/45 scale Gauge O. Work also undertaken in Gauge 1 10mm and 3/8 inch scales. Special expertise in the narrower gauges and in outside frame prototypes.

NEW for October 2017

OK, so its not a model, its not English and neither is it narrow gauge. But if you’ve never heard the syncopated ‘hush-hush, POP-POP, hush-hush’ of a 4-cylinder Gőlsdorf compound loafing along light engine as a simple, I urge you to visit the railway museum at Das Heitzhaus at Strasshof an der Nordbahn, a little way north of Vienna. Don't get off at Strasshof - the museum is actually at the next station down the line, at Silberswald.(....How do I know, you ask?)

Gőlsdorf 2-6-4 4-cylinder compound in steam at Strasshof in September 2016

Website Updates

Apologies for not keeping the website as up date as I should over the last months. The house needed some major work upon it, and over the summer I've been playing builders' mate whilst most of the exterior walling was repointed. Also, I was starting to find that updating the website seemed to be taking an inordinate amount of time - mainly because of the need to pick through bloated lines of generated HTML code, in what seems an ongoing battle against what today's web editing software thinks should be 'standards compliant'. I'd rather be at the workbench, not on the computer.....

Past Sins Revisited

Now, not something actually ‘new’ but worth sharing I thought. A couple of the small run of Vale of Rheidol 2-6-2 tank engines that I built back in the late 1990s surfaced at the ‘Small and Delightful show at Shepton Mallet some months back. They still seem to run OK, and both their owners are still happy bunnies. Obviously I must have been doing something right, even back then. More pictures are on the Locomotive Gallery pages.

VoR 8 and 9 at Devils Bridge
Backwoods VoR 2-6-2s Nos 8 and 9 at Devils Bridge on the layout of Rachel & Eddie Fields’. Picture copyright Steve Mann, taken at the Warely National Model Railway Exhibition in November 2016.

On14 Chassis’ for ‘Yeo’, ‘Exe’, ‘Taw’ and ‘Lew’

Progress has been very slow on the Manning Wardle Lynton and Barnstaple chassis, but I will try to put some pictures up shortly. These things are a bit like a jigsaw – and you can’t start putting it all together until you have made all the bits of the jigsaw. I could of course do what everyone else does and just drill all the 'oles, solder the cranks on for keeps,  'run it in' at 14.5 volts until the binding disappears, then put some masking tape around the motor and give the complete chassis a rattle-can coat of matt black....

Hunslet 'Waril' 18" Gauge in 1/32 Scale

It is early days for this project, but I have finally decided that I am going to be doing at least a couple of the Sand Hutton 'Waril' Hunslet well tanks for myself in 1/32 scale. These will be for 16.5mm gauge - which, as the congnoscenti amongst you will no doubt be aware, actually comes out at 20 3/4 inches(ish) rather than the 'proper' 18 of the prototype. They are also going to be an experiment in 'jigging up' so that if there is demand, I can run a batch off without having to mark everything out from scratch again....

Waril Hunslet
Copyright Roy C. Link. Image reproduction courtesy of RCL Publications/Narrow Gauge & Industrial Railway Modelling Review

Sand Hutton / Deptford wagons

I'm looking into the feasibility of a batch of these in 1/32, with a specification that includes cast axlebox units and a mix of 3D printed parts for the body and chassis, with an etched set for the strapping.

Backwoods Lyn

Anyway, back to the current stuff. For those of you who have not guessed, the picture below is of course of the Backwoods Miniatures version of the Lynton and Barnstaple 2-4-2  Lyn in OOn9 that seemed to have occupied an inordinate amount of my time these last months.  Full details of the build are in the Locomotive Builds section, and the model now has its own entry in the Locomotive Gallery.

Incidentally, this model has made issue 110 of the Narrow Gauge & Industrial Railway Modelling Review.

Backwoods 'Lyn'
Backwoods Miniatures 'Lyn' in OOn9

Gibson L & B 2-6-2 Valve Gear

After all the hard work on the Alan Gibson Manning Wardle in 7mm scale On14, I finally got to see it run recently 'under its own steam' as it were - courtesy of a YouTube clip of the model. Here it is. Just 
click on the image below ...... blow-by-blow details of the remedial work done on this model are in the Locomotive Builds section.

link to

Large Scale Armour

Regretfully, this is a field that I
have decided that I no longer want to be in. 1/6th scale is just too big to handle comfortably, and in retrospect I've now realised that my efforts at trying to establish myself as a large-scale AFV builder have meant that I took my eye off the ball as regards model railway locomotive building.

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