Armour Builds

Though these build studies may be specific to a particular kit manufacturer, even if you are modelling in a different scale or medium, I am including a few prototype reference images where appropriate that might be of interest. Some are completed projects, others 'work in progress', but hopefully they will give you an idea of the level of workmanship that I put in 'under the skin' as it were, of my AFV commissions.

Ordnance QF 25-Pounder

Built from the Armortek 1/6th metal kit in their Kompact Kit series. The gun itself has had a very long service life, from its introduction into the British Army just before WWII, right through to a recent reported sighting of an example in the hands of Syrian rebels being used to take on an ISIS position Though not perhaps as complex to construct as a tank or AFV, the 25 Pdr. can serve as a good indroduction for a plastic modeller new to working with metal in this scale.

link to 25 pdr build