If you would like an estimate for a locomotive or rolling stock build, or a price for a 1/6th scale armoured vehicle, please email, telephone or write.

The more information you can provide about your chosen prototype the better. The availability of a scale drawing, photographs and colour scheme details are always useful, though not always essential. I like to think that my own files have reasonable coverage of the Southern and the LSWR, and some of the more esoteric narrow gauge products of UK private locomotive builders.

Grandt Line Porter 18 ton BS

Grandt Line 18 ton Porter BS

Being within about 35 minutes travel time of the Tank Museum at Bovington, it means that at a pinch, I can go and look and measure the real thing for you. There is also the museum's own research library that can be drawn upon for technical data, and which I have had occasion to use in the past.

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