This page will ultimately carry data sheets, locomotive and rolling stock drawings, plus other material which I hope you may find useful.

You can also download a copy of my Terms and Conditions as a .PDF file from here.

Imperial to Metric ready-reckoner

Here's a couple of pages covering Imperial measurements from 1/64th up to one inch in 32nds, 16ths, and on up, including 0.001s, and their metrical equivalents to two places of decimels. Saves all that faffing about with a calculator (or slide rule....remember them?). Print 'em out on white card, stick on the workshop wall or slip into a clear plastic sleeve. A time-saver when working to old engineering drawings on modern machinery. Supplied as a .PDF file.

Imperial to metric ready reckoner

LSWR and SR colour swatches

The HMRS have over the years published a series of Livery Registers, and I recently aquired one for the LSWR and SR. There was no swatch sheet inside, so I've put together one of my own. There are three paint sample cards - downloadable as 5 x 7 inch photo print .jpgs..

lswr colour swatches

Modeller's Scale Converter - v.09

Intended as an aid to both planning a model and in working out scale dimensions, this MS Excel spreadsheet covers most of the popular model railway and military modelling scales.  Included are ratios for Gauge 3/LGB 1:22.5,  and 1/6 armour. And it will convert from feet and inches as well as metric....though not simultaneously, I'm afraid!

This latest version is stripped down in width so as to display on smartphones with MS Pocket Excel or later equivalents. Clicking on the link will open up the Converter in Excel or your equivalent spreadsheet program - unless you select the 'save file' option. To use, enter either metric - in mm - or feet and inches, or just inches at the top, then scroll down to the row corresponding to your chosen scale, and read off the 'actual' dimension on the model in the leftmost column.

Scale Converter v09

Boxford lathe wiring diagram

Well actually more of a re-wiring diagram. It's what I used when working out what goes where on my own BUD machine, but it is for information only. Supplied as a .PDF file.

Boxford lathe wiring