Locomotive Builds

This page carries details of some of my more recent customer commissions. Click on the image or the highlighted link for the full write-up. Some of these models are also featured in the Locomotive Gallery pages.

Lynton and Barnstaple 2-6-2 Manning Wardle

An Alan Gibson produced kit in 7mm scale On14 1/43 scale, which came in for attention to its Joy valve gear.

Lynton and Barnstaple 2-6-2

Lynton and Barnstaple 2-4-2 'Lyn'

An example of one the Backwoods Miniatures range of kits for OOn9 is the latest to feature upon the Modell Ost workbench. 'Lyn' was built by Baldwin in the USA during the 'Great Locomotive Famine', just after the turn of the century when all British locomotive builders were fully booked with orders for overseas.

Lyn OO9 ready for paint

ROD WW1 Couverts

Part of a series built from the French kit maker AMF87's range. The two here starting out as Nord versions, but have had new roofs and altered details to make them representative of some of the 24,000 wagons built in the UK for service on the Western front.

WW1 UK-built Couvert vans

NS 4-6-4 finished as ROD 6

Another kit from the DJH Modelloco stable, in 3.5mm / ft. These engines passed to the Nord after WW1 and some survived long enough to run under SNCF ownership.

ROD 6 erstwhile NS 4-6-4

WW1 'Pershing' consolidation

Assembled from a DJH Modelloco HO scale kit. Modifed to represent a locomotive of the first unsuperheated batch, as built for the British army.

WW1 Pershing 2-8-0


This 2-8-0 is essentially an AR Kits / DJH kit to HO scale, but backdated to the locomotives' original condition during their service with the British Railway Operating Division in France during WW1. In 1919 they were offered back to the NSWGR, but were not accepted - not ureasonably in the circumstances - due to 'wear and tear'. These war surplus D52s however eventually found their way to Belguim, where they ended their days hauling coal trains.

D52 2-8-0 in HO scale

Turning a GWR 'King' Chimney

In 4mm scale; and followed up by the making of a cab roof for the same locomotive from a Malcolm Mitchell etched fret

GW 'King' class chimney              GW 'King' cab roof

'Britrail' Black 5 conversion

Undertaken from 16.5mm to 18mm EM gauge...not as straightforward a job as it seems.

EM Gauge ex-LMS Black 5