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A selection of recent (and not so recent...) models, showing the typical level of detail and quality of workmanship that customers can expect from me. Please note that all of my recent production - barring the repaints or re-detailing of commercial models - have serial numbers securely affixed or stamped into their chassis'.

WW1 British Army ROD wagons (scale 1/87), 16.5mm HO gauge

This series of wagons follows on from the examples of Railway Operating Division standard-gauge locomotive models that I have been asked to build. The models are based on French manufacturer AMF87 kits, though with modifications and added detail where needed so as to 'backdate' them to their original WW1 condition.

The series includes Fourgons, Couverts and - as per the picture - depressed-centre flat wagons.

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ROD well wagon

Lynton and Barnstaple railway 'Lyn'' (scale 1/76), 9mm OOn9 gauge

One of the few US  locomotives used on common-carrier UK narrow gauge lines, and the only one manufactured new for a UK NG line - the Baldwin 4-6-0s on the Welsh Highland and Corris were of course ex-military machines. Built from a highly-modified Backwoods Miniatures kit.

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Backwoods Lyn

NS Beyer-Peacock 'Baltic' (scale 1/87), 16.5mm HO gauge

Built originally to the order of the Nederlands Spoorweg, these were requisitioned for use by the British army in france during WWI. Assembled from a DJH Modelloco kit. HO scale.

Featured in Continental Modeller magazine.

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link to NS baltic

GWR Churchward mogul 2-6-0 (scale 1/76), 16.5mm OO gauge

Essentially a repaint and re-detail of an old Mainline ready to run model, fitted with the correct Dean pattern taper buffers - and yes, I know that it should have the two circular cab windows above the boiler crown...

ROD 5330. Built at Swindon in September, 1917 and delivered directly to France on 29th September, 1917. It returned from France on 10th May, 1919. It was withdrawn in June, 1964. It is shown in Railway Operating Ddepartment (ROD). livery. One locomotive of this type is currently preserved at Didcot.

                                    mogul loco only

GWR standard outside framed 'goods' 0-6-0 (scale 1/76), 16.5mm OO gauge

This is a very old K's kit which came to me in a somwhat more bedraggled state than it appears here. Though the kit could be made up in either inside frame - or as here, with outside frames and flycranks - I have a feeling that the latter were actually an Armstrong design rather than William Dean's, in which case the boiler should have a round-top with the dome on the front ring rather than the centre.

ROD No. 2557, 0-6-0 built by the Great Western Railway at Swindon in November, 1897. One of the class known as the Dean Goods. 62 locomotives were requisitioned by the British Government in 1917 and shipped to France. 2557 was serving at Dunkirk in June, 1918 and subsequently went to Salonika. There it took one of the ROD running numbers 71-84. It is not known which running number 2557 took, which is why the model is presently unnuimbered to represent . It stayed in Salonika after the war working on the Jonction-Salonique Constantinpole Railway until shipped back to England in April, 1921.

ROD Dean goods

'Pershing' class 2-8-0 tender locomotive (scale 1/87), 16.5mm HO gauge.

Built from a DJH kit for the later superheated engines used by the American forces in WW1, this is a 3.5mm/HO scale 16.5mm gauge model. Sagami motor driving through double reduction gears and pick up now from locomotive only rather than DJH's recommended 'American' system.

Featured in Continental Modeller.

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Pershing loco only

NSWGR D52 2-8-0 tender locomotive (scale 1/87), 16.5mm HO gauge

Commissioned as WWI ROD 704 - 3.5mm/foot HO scale 16.5mm gauge. AR Kits/DJH kit, with motor in chassis and all-wheel current pick-up.

Also received a write up in Continental Modeller magazine.

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D50 loco 3/4 view

BR ex LSWR Beattie well tank 2-4-0 (scale 1/43), 32mm O gauge

7mm/foot O scale, 32nn gauge. Roxey kit with added detail to update the model to final BR days. Sprung leading axle and new front-end framing as rebuilt by Southern in the '30s. Rotating animation is available for this model.

This one graced the pages of the Railway Modeller some years back too.

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